No Barbers, just Sevilles: Marmalade.

If you enjoy laborious tasks, marmalade is for you.  If you do not enjoy laborious processing and faffing, buy some Robinson’s and make do 😉  If you do decide to make marmalade, make sure you have a free 48 hours as you need to start the process the day before you’re intending to pot it up… Equipment: Tool for juicing e.g. reamer Large bowl Measuring … Continue reading No Barbers, just Sevilles: Marmalade.

It’s All Emu’s Fault. Rhubarb and Ginger Gin.

A friend of mine posted a picture on social media, depicting rhubarb and ginger gin liqueur – game over.  I decided I wanted to make it.  So….. here it is (cobbled together from various online recipes): Ingredients: (you can halve or quarter this for a smaller batch, the gin was just too good a deal to pass up haha!) 1.5l gin (doesn’t have to be … Continue reading It’s All Emu’s Fault. Rhubarb and Ginger Gin.

Pickled Tomatoes. Red Globes of Glory.

I’m so excited about these I can’t even tell you, and I have to leave them a whole week before eating! 😦 This is a Nigel Slater recipe. Ingredients: Pickling Liquid: 250ml malt vinegar 250ml red wine vinegar 5 tbsp golden caster sugar 3 tbsp sea salt Pickle: 20-30 cherry tomatoes (preferably on the vine, stalks removed and washed) 2 bay leaves 4 peeled garlic … Continue reading Pickled Tomatoes. Red Globes of Glory.

Pickled Pineapple. Spicy AF.

Whilst looking for a beetroot pickle recipe I came across this little beauty.  If you don’t want this to be spicy, leave the chilli flakes out.  If you’re daring – leave them in! Ingredients: 1 fresh pineapple, cut into chunks (approx. 600g) 1 cinnamon stick, broken in half 10 whole cloves 1 tsp chilli flakes 3/4 cup water 1/3 cup white vinegar Method: Put all … Continue reading Pickled Pineapple. Spicy AF.

Spicy Moroccan Pineapple Chutney.

Found this recipe on Pinterest, see original here.  Christmas for me means cheese and chutney, and this chutney is amazeballs!  It’s heavy on chilli, so if you’re not a fan of spicy I’d probably avoid it – otherwise, definitely give it a go – chutney is low maintenance cookery, my favourite kind!   Ingredients: 2 large white onions, finely chopped 600g fresh pineapple, cubed 2 … Continue reading Spicy Moroccan Pineapple Chutney.

Pickled Shallots.

Decided to make pickled onions – so bought some shallots and got cracking.  I then remembered how much I hate pickling onions, predominantly because of the ballache that is topping and tailing them – but they look great when they’re done and that’s the most difficult part, so hey ho!  I haven’t worried too much about quantities because the process is the same regardless of … Continue reading Pickled Shallots.

Bitchin’ Red Onion Marmalade.

A few years ago I was really into preserves, chutneys and pickling – and I’ve rediscovered that love just in time for Christmas.  If you jar up your preserves in clip top jars like Kilners, and adorn them with pretty labels and ribbons, they make a nice gift.  And all the best gifts are homemade!! Ingredients: (makes 2 x 1/2lb jars) 1kg red onions, finely … Continue reading Bitchin’ Red Onion Marmalade.